A Little Somethin’ to work with

Brilliant days like this remind me why I’m so thankful that we are not put on this earth to live alone.  Somewhere in the last week or so I became quite frustrated about a number of things going on, and things started closing in on me until I couldn’t see.  A very good friend, just by being the way she is, encouraged me to see the beauty of life again, and I got a fresh sense of perspective.

And I learned a valuable lesson today:  I thought about my life- as I have been doing more of lately, and I realized how most of the great highlights of it have happened by ‘fluke’. Or so it seems. Off course, in my reality I know this is not so and that a greater, more capable hand is at work here. Anyway, I realized that all God has really ever asked of me is to give Him something to work with. All the roles I have come to play and the person I have become is because all He asked me to do was give Him something to work with. That something turns out to be in fact all of me, but in the process, He takes that, and moulds it, and shapes it until all my excuses about my inability to do anything substantial for Him are null and void. Because it is through Him and by Him that I am who I am today. All I did was to give Him the shoddy pieces I had. He really did all the rest. But it’s by my first step- relinquishing the ideas of who I am, giving up trying to figure life out on my own, deciding to decide about Him, and being certain of Him, that He can take my little attempts at building a puzzle, and build a picture much more perfect than the one I set out to complete. I forget this all the time though. I need to stop doing that. But right now, as I think about it, and remember it, I’m oh so thankful. Thankful for good friends too, who remind me of these things. 

Relinquish, decide, be certain of Him. They’re really not so difficult to do when I think of what it is He really gives in return. I’ll gladly exchange what I have for me, for what He has for me. Every day.


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