Oppikoppi 2012- A Sweet Thing indeed!

This past weekend I got to go to my first real, quite legit music festival- Oppikoppi. Since varsity started, I knew I wanted to go- it just feels like one of those things that usher you in to the life of student-dom in Pretoria. So I was 3 years too late, but I thought I would finally fulfil that little milestone.

Dust. Sun. Burgers as large as my face. 2 beautiful friends. Music to inspire. Yeh, it doesn’t get any better, really. I could complain about many things about the weekend- the drugs, the drunk- crazy people, the dust, the smelly toilets. But I realized that THIS, right in the middle of all that noise and chaos- is a piece of life that I got to grasp for a little while. I got to literally be in the DUST of life where it’s a little chaotic and very crazy sometimes, and where people are…well, people. There was such a ‘come as you are’ mentality throughout the whole weekend, and to be quite honest, that place-as much as it has a reputation to be full of the dodgy (sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll)-was more welcoming for me than many of the other places I frequent in my daily life. That’s a bit of a pity. I was reminded again that if you want to- you can really learn something, anywhere.

Admittedly, I doubt I could permanently live on Oppikoppi land if it were a country, but I also wouldn’t change or complain about anything that happened in the last 3 days.  I got the privilege of seeing so much live music- mostly South African, and a few international acts. It made me so proud- my country is brimming full of untapped talent and there are millions of melodies to be found yet. And I can’t wait to maybe be joining in the festival one day with a few of my own.

Either way, sign me up for Oppikoppi 2013.  Dust. Sun. Burgers as large as my face- they’re all calling me back.


[a special thank you to Jessica, who found me when I got lost, laughed at me when I did embarrassing things,  let me wear her clothes and who missed out on a few bands because of me-and STILL calls me friend]



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