A thing of beauty

There’s a beauty that seeps out of the sadness of letting something beautiful go. A bittersweet catalyst for a move you couldn’t conjure up. Maybe this is how you let your faith live, truly live, come alive and be set free.

If it’s an ache you feel, embrace it. And begin to see it for what it actually could be- a truth, a mystery yet to be uncovered, about a future you know nothing about. It’s not quite in your hands- and that’s the best place for it not to be.

Raise your fist, open it up and let the thing of beauty drift up into the sky like a banner for others to see. Hold it up like a prize- the pain, the sacrifice you make for a picture much bigger than you ever could have anticipated. Give it up and strike up the match, let it fly and look to the sky as you watch a thing of beauty burn.


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