Your adventure is a thing of glory that stretches out across the sky, for all eyes to behold and be encouraged, energized.

This adventure is prone to uncertainties and lies of inadequacies that you come and trump with Your truth-giving light. But it’s in the turning of these corners, these unknowns and heart-wrenching mountain climbs that I see the truth: Your wild heart, Your mysterious beauty in the treasures You sweetly set out on my path for me to find, to stumble upon, and to taste and see that Goodness is Your middle name.  A name You’re giving to me; a name You’ve drawn on my hand and have fiercely called out of me.

Goodness this indeed will be, and in this goodness in me- others will see something much bigger than I ever dreamed I could carry- pieces of You that come flooding out of me like riverbanks too full to be contained.

And I’ll bubble and burst forth Your song, and it’ll be for the healing of nations, and a balm to soothe gaping wounds.

This goodness is a fruit to be tasted, and all our senses will be opened- so that all will see, and all will hear of the glory of this story that You’re penning right in front of me.  It’ll speak right back to the story You’ve been scripting long before this song You called me to sing.

So while I watch and wait for this story to unfold, I’ll be sitting, and I’ll watch the flowers spring up all around me, and I’ll be singing my song to You, and listening, and watching as You paint me a picture to live in- and this is Your song to me. 


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